The Journey
by Clarence Mike Dunaway
PageTurner Press and Media

"I'm asking if you took advantage of me while I was out?"

During the transition from young adult to mature law-abiding citizen, many painful truths are thrust upon a person. The entirety of one's upbringing, future place in the world, and even societal norms are all put into question. It is one of the great rights of passage in lifeā€”to be exposed to the murky details of life and society and to seek out adventure while discovering personal truths. In this book, the two main characters are finding their path along this turbulent process. Both are concerned about their future and eager to begin their lives as adults. Yet there are lingering issues below the surface of the friendship as their varying levels of talent and access highlight the different fortunes that await their respective futures.

The author has masterfully captured this youthful restlessness from page one, and it slowly unfolds into the central drama of the book. The two young girls, Marla and Brenda, are determined to have lives of purpose and value, even as they slowly realize that life isn't obliged to always go as planned. The title of this book and its general themes all touch on this personal quest for meaning and the self-destructive tendencies that are sometimes unleashed.

Both girls carry with them companions on their journey as these self-aware risk-takers slip towards the story's enthralling conclusion. The signs are all there as to how this journey will end, and every exchange between the girls contains muted desperation. From bar owners to murders, this novel is an engaging study of various characters, on both sides of the law, and the unique ways their respective narratives intersect. The book is a compelling and realistic tale that can be enjoyed by the fiction lover of any family.

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