The Journey to an Unstoppable Break Through
by Evelyn Saah-Giegbefumwen

"We all leave footprints behind us. We will be remembered for our generosity or selfishness."

This book passes along wisdom learned from life lived on two continents: how a woman’s determined journey to break through birthed a life of ministry. The first chapter tells the story of a person whom the author calls “Dora.” As a child in Africa, Dora was given in marriage to an abusive husband. When she was in her thirties, Dora’s brothers helped her escape. She then met and married a researcher and they moved to America. After learning English and earning several degrees, Dora became the CEO of a business in Boston. While in her forties, she had a daughter of her own, a child who was valued as a person. The 96-page book moves from the issue of emotional abuse through stages of personal growth in order to overcome the past and leave behind an unstoppable legacy for others. Saah-Giegbefumwen reveals what one can accomplish with a patient spirit that seeks help from God. Amazingly, the author breaks down into steps the way such a person can set boundaries for an abuser.
While one chapter lists characteristics to consider when choosing someone with whom to build a successful relationship, another warns against allowing despair and bitterness from trials to lead to atheism. Patience and trust are repeatedly encouraged for those interim times while awaiting God’s best. The initial story of Dora appears to be a composite of several women―people the author may have known in Cameroon, Africa (where she was born) or met here in America while working as an intake counselor. Misspelled words somewhat mar the book. Saah-Giegbefumwen clearly has a gift for teaching and an openness for passing on her knowledge. The addition of subtitles and bullets would make this book a superb training tool.

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