The Kingdom of the Heavens: The Story of God
by Eliu Cortes
Westwood Books Publishing LLC

"From that moment on Lucifer tried to change the times and the seasons, so that his kingdom would last forever..."

This fast-paced novel shows God’s redemption plan for earth’s inhabitants as viewed through the eyes of angels. The story begins with Michael’s verbal critique of his angel friend Lucifer for ignoring God’s rules about purification. This minor incident reveals an attitude of independence that will manifest in time as Lucifer’s rebellious attitude. Certain angels follow Lucifer, now called Satan, as he claims equal status with God and reveals plans to take over the universe with Earth as his home base. To guarantee successful warfare, the rebels need to know what prophecies are written down in the three Forbidden books. Satan’s followers succeed in stealing two of the books. Angels Michael and Gabriel do not support this rebellion, nor do two-thirds of the other angels of God.

The first attacks against God’s servants are successful until God himself joins the battle. Satan realizes he must negate prophesies about Earth found in the Forbidden books. Satan must either stop the Son of God from entering Earth as a baby, growing up as a righteous man, or dying a sacrificial death on the cross. This gives Satan several opportunities to undo the future, as recorded in God’s Forbidden books.

The plot Cortes uses in this tale is based on nonfiction theories by credible biblical scholars such as Watchmen Nee, although New Earth Creationist scholars will likely disagree with the story and its timelines. The daring adventures and battles described by Cortes have a considerable basis in the latest young adult craze of good versus evil warriors, superheroes, and witches who fight for control of the universe. The battle scenes should also attract the young adult audience. More importantly, the author hopes the conversations between Michael and God will spark curiosity in readers about God’s nature and purposes.

We witness the creation of the Trinity in a timeless past. When the Son comes as an inhabitant on the future Earth, he will voluntarily freeze his own powers to depend on the Holy Spirit. Another conversation that Michael has with God encourages even this most powerful angel to learn from his mistakes, specifically a huge loss of soldiers to Satan’s army in one battle. Michael is advised that since God has the ability to learn new things, he asks followers to report happenings to him.

Cortes, who likes history and apocalyptic fiction, began his journey as a Christian when he was sixteen. In the following decades, he researched biblical topics extensively, as demonstrated by the quotations that start each chapter, as well as within the dialogue between the angels, creatures, and God the Father, Son, and Spirit. The story idea evolves from his own biblical exegesis of verses hinting at a turbulent past before the creation story recorded in Genesis. In the battle scenes, the author’s creativity shines. He places a great deal of emphasis on times and measurements, such as the angels’ height and their number of wings. Some measurements and facial features are Bible-based, while others are meant to fascinate the readers’ curiosity. A universal timeline at the end of the book presents the author’s estimations. Cortes has applied a gifted set of skills and interests toward creating this novel. The content and graphic descriptions give it the potential of becoming an epic movie.

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