The Last Bible Book: Galactic Dualism
by Daniel J. Lanausse

"'So then your aim to solve a war is by galactic dualism between the two of us?' I asked to clarify. 'Correct...'"

Imagine a combination of the Book of Revelation and Japanese manga, and you will have a pretty good idea about this book. Set around 3002, Earth is now in the Crystal Era and is run by a constitutional monarchy with a king and queen at the head of thirty levels of power and authority. "USA County, France County," etc. exist instead of nations. Earth is threatened with annihilation by an alien race called the Emptredians who worship Satan and want to wipe out humanity. There are four main characters—King Roi Sabedoria, Queen Amo Curador, Wapen Aanval, and Meester Vechter—who are humans with special augmentation. They become android-like warriors with highly technical gadgetry combined with supernatural gifts of power that allow them to fight the Emptedrians effectively. A preliminary attack on Mars draws the humans out to defend their colonies there. Meanwhile, Hacoleabuu, the Emptredian ruler, uses their absence to teleport his ship to Earth and wipe out thousands of civilians.

The plotline is fairly straightforward, with an all-out battle between good and evil. The mechas, androids, supercomputers, and augmented "GPH's" are all manga and anime tropes that make the many battle scenes more palpable. The four main human characters take turns each chapter telling their story, with God and even the Emptredian Hacoleabuu having viewpoint chapters too. These are unique characters, and the author has done a good job describing their personalities. The theme is good versus evil, of course, with several references to the Bible and even the appearance of some angels helping the humans during the Mars war. The author has combined his beliefs with an action-filled story, resulting in a unique creation.

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