"You must agree with me that all knowledge is acquired with studying. In order to love God, you must know Him...you must study."

To promote knowledge of prophecies and visions received over the years by holy individuals, clerics, mystics, and nuns as well as laypersons, the author records this book of last warnings. The collection is meant to inform Catholics and others of impending danger for those living on earth in the days of 2017 through 2029. Visions and recorded experiences included also verify the accuracy of church dogma such as the existence of a real Devil, the reality of Hell, and the value of prayer and study to eternal rewards. Three actual stories from Russia and Rome record warnings from those recently deceased whose apparitions appeared to someone well-known prior to death. Occurring in the 1800s, the time of each ghastly apparition could only be verified once official word of demise was received from a distance. Warnings by the lady at Fatima are well known in this century. Others included in the book are less known: a French mystic who was outspoken against changes inside the church, and a third-order Dominican nun who taught about the fulfillment of the Lord’s Prayer in coming days.

James spent significant time spent researching and compiling this 400-page volume. He deserves praise for completing this important task with consistent high-quality writing. As a new Catholic history resource, James’ book serves to refresh the mind of the reader with content perhaps heard casually before. Hopefully, it will arouse those reading these histories for the first time, making it an excellent tool for sharing one’s faith. The book can also be used as a daily devotional; the stories of mystics especially inspire a greater faith in the reader. The collection’s variety should easily find willing readers/listeners among the target audience. Though a reader may find formatting changes confusing at times, this is the kind of book one immediately earmarks pages in to share with others.

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