The Life of a Running Man: A Life of Running from God
by Robin T. Brown
Diamond Media Press

"Instead of turning to God, I chose to run from Him. I ran from the one who said He would always love and help me."

Brown's autobiography follows his life's journey around the United States, chasing after fleeting financial opportunities, stumbling into drugs and crime, and fleeing from the one who he ultimately must turn to—God. Growing up in poverty in the sixties as the middle child of nine siblings, Brown was constantly uprooted in search of financial stability. He later bounced around from job to job, and state to state, to make ends meet. However, climbing the ladder of success slowly becomes synonymous with the types of drugs that he's able to afford. As his reliance on drugs threatens to destroy the health and safety of his relationships, he constantly struggles with maintaining family as his highest priority. He convinces himself that he is running toward stability for his wife and son. Yet, in reality, he runs from what he needs most.

Brown has a wonderful memory for the details, noting the countless jobs he takes on and each connection he makes along the way. He clearly portrays how deeply enmeshed he becomes in a life of false popularity and achievement, dependent upon drugs rather than God. His choice to include his journal entries from his time in prison, along with traditional narration, efficiently demonstrates the transition between who he was before and after he stops running. This effectively reveals the transformation he undergoes through God's forgiveness. Only in retrospect is Brown aware of how he'd been blind to God's gifts and blessings throughout each obstacle. When Brown is forced to slow down, he finally confronts the darkness of his choices and the forgiving light of God. Through sharing his life's story, he hopes to help others who may be evading God as well, so that their lives may also be transformed.

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