The Lighter Side of Darkness
by Troy 'Pappy' Johnson
Author Reputation Press LLC

"Cloaked within the abyss he stood, admiring the damage caused by his vile mind. Apparently he’s a clever fella, utilizing his idle mind for treachery and causing chaos."

Dimitrius Steele, the former master sergeant from the merciless reconnaissance team known as The Lucky 7, receives the death sentence for six counts of murder and treason. Before his execution, Dimitrius accepts Jesus Christ as his savior—an action that will propel him into the hereafter, where he will join a cast of other characters to combat and foil the plans of Belial and his evil cronies, Enoch and Lilith. While his former military training benefits him and makes him an invaluable asset to the fight against evil, Dimitrius struggles to accept his fate and understand his purpose. Meanwhile, as Belial, Enoch, and Lilith rampage, cause chaos, and lead humanity astray, Dimitrius continues his journey of afterlife fulfillment by continuing his mission against evil and spreading the gospel, saving as many souls as possible until the Rapture.

This book takes readers on a journey of repentance, forgiveness, and faith, and emphasizes that even after one has committed horrendous atrocities, hope may still exist for them. By fusing humor, scripture, and unique artwork, this book draws in readers who are questioning their faith, just finding it, or struggling to find their purpose. For readers confident in their faith, this book becomes a reminder of the importance of continuing to grow in one’s faith and one’s journey, especially when evil forces seem unconquerable. With philosophical insights about free will and destiny, this book then becomes an engaging read for those whose mission it becomes to maintain their individuality and self in the face of seemingly destructive circumstances. Fans of Christian fiction will definitely appreciate this work.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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