The Magic Horse
by Claudia Casciato
Lettra Press LLC

"I climbed on the horse though I felt no weight. Like magic, we were in the clouds and came upon golden gates."

On the eve of her best friend’s birthday, Clare is concerned about both the approaching bad weather and the bad cold she has developed. When she prays to God for help, a green light appears in her room and turns into a gorgeous white horse. Amazed at the sight and the message delivered by the horse, she jumps on its back and is transported to heaven where the horse shows her all the children taken by God in order that they may live with him and be healed of their earthly illnesses. Clare doesn’t fully understand the message brought to her by the horse, Raphael, but she soon learns that God works in mysterious ways and that she has been given a very important job to accomplish here on Earth. Clare is to be a secret agent for God and “teach others about the healing powers of Heaven.” Little does she know that she herself will need to learn the lesson along with those she must teach.

Casciato’s novel about a young girl tasked with helping others face tragedy while she herself deals with great loss is filled with life lessons. Geared toward older children, the book teaches them that to fully embrace life by becoming fearless leads to a life filled with wonder and adventure. Children who are dealing with difficult situations will find much to learn from this book, such as the importance of realizing how one’s thoughts can dictate how one feels. Illustrations throughout emphasize the book’s narrative and promote understanding for younger readers. Parents who wish to help their child deal with a difficult loss may find much to foster discussion within this thought-provoking work.

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