The Miracle Before Your Eyes
by Patrick K. McAndrew
LitFire Publishing

"One with Spirit, I remove the mask that hides the truth of who I am, and I experience the fullness of life!"

McAndrew gleams lessons from the stories of his own life and has turned them into pieces of inspiration and guidance for his readers. He begins with his turning point, a transition out of the restaurant industry after serving a man his final drink before he drove off and ended his life, which began his spiritual journey. Each story reads more like a sermon from a warm friend than a traditional story.

Often the story is anecdotal and sometimes he begins with an extended joke such as "a man walked into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich walking beside him" and continues on for nearly two pages. It is as though one part is story—a narrative of the author’s journey to discover himself—while another part is the wisdom gathered along the way subtly imparted as advice to anyone who needs it. Nothing reads forced nor preachy, but instead like when he describes going to ministry school as "a journey through a wilderness, filled with obstacles and challenges," but ultimately one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

Each chapter begins with a nugget of sagacity that the reader is sure to hold onto, coming back to it over and over again. The quote serves as a lens through which to read the narrative, shedding light on its meaning. Repeating it at the end of each chapter is a nice touch and creates a sense of completion, a framework for each chapter.

While McAndrew’s voice is conversational and often speaks directly to the reader, the words themselves are informed from many sources. In fact, each chapter lists the sources he drew knowledge and ideas from—ranging from The Holy Bible to Star Wars. McAndrew is clearly a student of human behavior and spirituality observing how humans "fail to listen to our inner knowing about the experiences in our life" and thus are doomed to relive our experiences over and over, sliding deeper into the darkness. But his book is a guide out of the darkness, and his observations are sure to stimulate and encourage his readers on their own paths of self-discovery.

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