The Miraculous Hand of God
by Patsy Moore
LitFire Publishing

"And now it’s my desire, to give my life to you.
I want your love to shine through, in all that I may do."

In the face of numerous struggles, medical challenges, abuses, and crises, the author of this book found a path forward and the strength to walk it. The key was her acceptance of the Lord and her faith that guided her to make decisions and changes that impacted her life for the better. Each chapter of this book highlights an experience that she or someone close to her had that defies explanation beyond simply being a miracle provided by God. The testimonials from people on death’s door with nowhere else to turn to—or placed in a situation that seemed impossible to survive—are powerful, and their proclamation of faith amplifies their impact. With shared and first-hand accounts, there are also selections of poetry and songs designed to praise and proclaim wondrous works and deeds.

The initial chapters of the book are told from the author’s perspective, spanning her childhood, first marriage, scary moments, and emergencies of her life. In these chapters, the reader learns about the view of the narrator and gets a feel for her values and the overall message of the book. Her ministry and creative outlets shine with the inclusion of original songs and poems that reinforce the messages and meanings that are presented within the stories themselves. Then the author successfully turns the storytelling to others that she knows from her ministry, or her personal life, to recount tense moments or turning points that are actual life-or-death scenarios, each with an improbable ending that defies explanation. Readers who are inspired by real-life stories that offer proof and examples of divine intervention, as well as the rewards or inspirations of a faithful lifestyle, will swell with hope and joy reading each of this book’s chapters.

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