"I am the collection of all who have loved me and taught me, fed me, sang to me, listened to my songs..."

Mosavat was born in Iran during the 1930s. The first revolution against the Shah occurred two years before he graduated from high school in Tehran. In 1955 his father sent him to finish schooling in America, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Michigan. Mosavat made it his goal to pursue with excellence the things that interested him. His eclectic list of hobbies highlighted in this book includes photography, poetry, music, woodturning, welding, and cooking. He built his own camera before attending photography classes with Ansel Adams and other teachers of high caliber. He then constructed and formulated his own developing station/solution.

Having lost many friends during the first revolution resulted in Mosavat placing a high value on loving people. He practiced Sufism, an Islamic mysticism characterized by intense, internal adherence to faith and practice. His son, David, was born of his first marriage. He married Judy—his third wife and soul mate—in 1988.

Known as a poet, the author chose a rich sampling of his poems to include in one section of this book. They are rhythmic melodies achieved with words. His mother was a poet herself and pointed out to him this gift he had inherited. He asserted that poetry was more important to him than photography because it brought him peace. Judy Mosavat carefully assisted in the process of collecting stories from and about her husband. They met with other friends of his who asked questions and provoked relevant discussion. One such friend deftly assembled a group of Mosavat’s photographs into the cover collage. The book includes many captivating pictures of things he built himself, including several drums. Readers will undoubtedly value this peek into the mind of a genius, as will those interested in seeing life from a non-Western perspective.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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