The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart
by Marie Helena
Dawn Light Press

"We live on a verdant, lush planet of infinite possibility. We are surrounded by fascinating individuals, each with his or her own preferences, experiences, values, feelings. Everyone has a story to tell."

Through a concise collection of elegant, narrative prose, this mystic-themed guide beckons the reader to amend his or her way of approaching daily challenges by making a psychological shift in thinking. Revolving around the representation of the jasmine plant, whose blossoms open in darkness, each chapter serves as a kaleidoscope of poignant, inspirational messages. The opening passage introduces the premise of discovering the beauty within oneself when one chooses to recognize and appreciate the existence of beauty in all things. This initial chapter sets the pace of the book, which persuades the reader to examine each word with precision in order to engage in an emotional exploration of self.

Transformation of thought is a key concept presented in each message. The author examines one's unlimited power to alter our reality by changing the way a story is perceived. She reveals her success with this process in her own personal quest for peace. By creating a new, fictionalized story to associate with a disturbing occurrence, she is able to transition from a state of unrest to one of tranquility. This uncommon approach to adapting to our environment and experiences offers an enchanting theory for overcoming grief and suffering. Like the jasmine, we have the opportunity to awaken and reveal our best selves in moments of darkness if we are willing to embrace all aspects of life's journey.

The author is skilled in the practice of Kotodama, the Japanese belief that words contain mystical powers. Through carefully selected text, the skillfully crafted passages deliver gentle reminders of patience and gratitude. Precisely selected words form the messages of compassion, mindfulness, and personal development presented throughout the book. Each chapter is accompanied by a charming watercolor botanical print, reinforcing the connection between self and nature. The balance of art and spiritual guidance elevate the desire to identify emotional barriers in order to evolve. Each segment is designed to serve as a stepping stone of acceptance toward a greater presence of being.

Nature is a prominent subject throughout the book. Having studied spirituality for over twenty years, the author effortlessly shares her knowledge through small stories of information often influenced by flowers and the divine energy that exists in our surroundings. These narratives highlight the benefits of harnessing positive energy as we examine our untapped emotions and perception of the world. Psychology is also a theme addressed in several chapters as the author reveals the importance of empathy when confronted by negative behavior from others and how to gracefully react in these situations.

This is a spiritual guide for those seeking personal growth and awareness. By offering soothing words of encouragement, the author invites us to embrace our unique gifts and discover the abundance of blessings we receive when we contribute our talents for the good of humanity. The passages persuade the reader to envision each day as a celebration. The essential lesson emphasized throughout this book is that the answers we seek lie in our ability to listen to the silence. This is a brief read that is easy to devour, however the reader is inclined to savor the words and regularly revisit the delicate construction of lines masterly weaved by the author.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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