The Prison Planet Handbook
by Denis Goodwin

"When people have life experiences that don’t fit with the official explanations, they seem to take a very dim view of the situation."

In conjunction with, Goodwin’s handbook impels the reader to push beyond preconceived notions and to simply probe and question what is. According to the author, probing could open a window to what could be, and what the human species has been missing out on for millennia. Though Goodwin asks his audience to suspend belief and conjure a starkly different world, he supports his stance with reasoning and unquestionable confidence. For instance, Goodwin suggests that belief, faith, and religion simply function as a curtain, keeping our species oblivious to intergalactic workings. More specifically, humanity operates via selective misinformation, and it incessantly falls prey to mind control from multiple angles. From the Secret Space Program and psychic abilities to hundreds of spherical objects entering our solar system and the Illuminati having a base on the moon, the text dives headfirst into possibilities that could force the truth-seeking individual to reexamine human history. Interestingly, Goodwin surmises that earthly humans are being exploited via our reliance on emotions and inhibitions.

While the content itself is sometimes dense, the handbook’s organization is impeccable. An immense amount of information is presented, including a glossary providing additional context on the afterlife and Blue Bloods, which Goodwin believes are a fusion of humans and reptiles. Furthermore, the author digs deep into ancient civilizations and religions and even tackles complex and sometimes controversial topics such as the New World Order. The ultimate destiny of humans on earth, according to the author, is to reconnect with the rest of the galaxy and understand that there is so much more to life than what the earthly human is experiencing. For those who can temporarily set aside their beliefs regarding the world given to them, this handbook certainly provides intrigue and thoughtful commentary on what is possible.

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