The Quonset in Tutujan
by C. Sablan Gault

"Before she could leave, Philip pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard. She yielded to him. His kisses still made her dizzy."

Picking up where A Mansion on the Moon leaves off, this is the story of Guam native Vivian Camacho and Philip Avery, the American naval engineer that is determined to reunite with and marry her despite a bloody and bitter theater of a horrifying war. In this sequel, Vivian is nervously preparing to travel to New York and meet Philip’s well-to-do family. Her simple life as a teacher and lanchera contrasts deeply with the Avery family’s status and sophistication, and she is aware of it. Revisiting the tragedy of their courtship and how it strengthens their bonds, Vivian is the proverbial fish out of water as her perspective extends beyond her tiny home island into a world that she has never been a part of but must reconcile with to fully understand her husband and his past.

Set in the aftermath of the Second World War, with callbacks to its toll on the island of Guam, this romance story offers plenty of changing times and attitudes and presents a historical perspective that those not familiar with Guam will find fascinating. The story of a newlywed couple clinging to each other despite turbulent influences pulling them in two different directions and cultures also makes for a captivating read, especially as the couple celebrates their nuptials through each of their respective customs. Fans of romance books will have their heartstrings pulled by the dedication that Philip and Vivian have to each other and their determination to make things work between them no matter what. With interesting historical, emotional, and personal storytelling, this charming tale will put a smile on the face of its readers and keep it there long after the final chapter.

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