The Real You Is Immortal: Whether You Like It Or Not!
by William F. Pillow, Jr.

"You like me, may have a nagging feeling about never seeing your loved ones again."

William Pillow showed little interest in the idea of an immortal soul until his wife of 57 years was facing her death. As most people, he simply acquiesced with what the church taught, while as a scientist he was skeptical of anything paranormal. Why the sudden change that is documented in his book? At times when there is little that can be done, people turn back to what they are gifted at. Being a pharmacist and scientist, Pillow began to study about the subject of life and after life.

Beginning his research with the Bible, Pillow was surprised at how little he knew about the life and death of Jesus, or about modern scholar conclusions based on recently uncovered ancient texts. The author found there was much new information on how the brain works: research prompted by documented cases of Near Death Experience (NDE) and by hypnotic past-life regressions. Eastern religion concepts like Karma and reincarnation were reconsidered. Likewise, he evaluated Native American spiritual wisdom and pondered the thought processes of the suicide bomber.

The author presents his arguments in a thoughtful, logical manner on topics that range from Consciousness and Hidden Memories such as evidence from the womb, to Out of Body Experiences (OBE). He encourages the reader to learn more about each subject they are unfamiliar with. After any radical change in a person's life, one must question whether or not the conclusion triggered by the emotional event will persist over time. Pillow declares that immortality is indeed real… whether we like it or not. The book's bibliography lists sixty-eight books and online articles to validate this opinion. Chapter and sub-topic headings make it easy to flip through the book, but a table of contents would assist with navigation as would an index.

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