The Right Hand of God
by Nelda Moffatt
Litfire Publishing

"The main purpose is to provide a deeper understanding of the Trinity."

Moffatt has painstakingly detailed Judeo-Christian religious history to support her view of the sustaining power of God’s will in the world. She believes that Biblical truth is supported by current scientific fact. Adam and Eve, Moffatt suggests, were thrown out of Eden so that they could “recognize the otherness of God” and overcome their “stupidity” by working to survive. Mankind lost the connection with God in the time of Noah, invoking the flood. By exercising his free will, Abraham presaged the Reformation. Moffatt follows the Bible and then conventional historical sources through the fall of Rome, the gradual spread of Christianity, and the founding of America with its unique democratic ideal. But she feels democracy can’t spread to other world cultures today until Christians fully live and demonstrate their connectedness to the Spirit. God will re-enter the picture in what the author calls the “Age of Integrity,” and then the predictions of the Book of Revelations will come to pass.

Moffatt has organized her work carefully with charts and footnotes that make it resemble an academic treatise. She has gathered historical data in support of her faith-based thesis. Her ideas are fresh and exciting, taking religious teaching from the realm of lore and setting it alongside the latest scientific findings. Her writing style allows her to teach without seeming to preach. She has trawled the realms of politics, sociology, psychology, and literature through the ages to underpin her ideas and give them credibility to both the religious-minded reader and the skeptic. Although in the final analysis Moffatt cannot “prove” her theories since they are rooted in “things not seen,” she has created a highly readable case for God’s role in His creation. Her book is an admirable attempt to bridge the gap between humanity’s perception and God’s intention.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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