The Saga of the Green Nails
by J. Lesley Graham
Page Publishing, Inc.

"The men disappeared from view as their bodies slurped off the chairs like pools of molasses on a cold January morning to end up becoming puddles . . ."

Imagine a world where all health problems could be erased with a pill costing a single dollar. The only side effect: green fingernails and toenails. This is the world of Graham’s novel. Life is easier for the Green Nails. It is hard to imagine why a few people stayed Plain Nails. Obviously, they aren’t to be trusted and should be treated like lesser humans. Dr. Jim Graywolf and his children are among the few who choose not to take the pills. He has been working as a pastor for a small congregation of Plain Nails as no one really wants to have a doctor on staff who isn’t a Green Nails. However, when Green Nails suddenly die on the fifth anniversary of them taking the Quality of Life pill, the world is plunged into chaos and despair. Jim’s one hope may be in working with the President of the United States, a Green Nail.

The premise of Graham’s novel sounds like science fiction; however, this book is more accurately described as a post-apocalyptic piece. The plight of the Plains Nails is to figure out a way to survive a catastrophic world event and, if they do so, plan a future in a world losing all but a small percentage of its population. Graham’s novel is clearly written and free from all but a couple of editing missteps. The colloquialisms may be difficult for some readers to understand but are fitting. Plot elements fall in place a little easily in parts of the book, but readers interested in survival books, especially those interested in prepping, will be delighted at how well Graham plans out the needs of the people in the book. His military background is evident in how ordered and thoughtfully outlined is his characters’ plan to escape Armageddon.

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