The Secret Place to Hide from Death
by Dr. Elco Vallier

"No matter what we try, many people have come to realize that there is no safe haven in this world."

Pastor and author Vallier explores the ponderous subject of human death and man's continual search for longer, even everlasting life. In our age, scientists seek ways to help us live longer, with ever-multiplying areas of knowledge enhancing that goal. Vallier goes to the biblical account of God's creation of man to shine more light on this issue. By eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve became aware of their nakedness and limitations. God's punishment was to remove from them and their descendants the possibility of immortality. But God then gave humans the means to everlasting life through the blood sacrifice of Jesus. Though many people choose to ignore this gift or claim the possibility of immortality through scientific and philosophical means, the prospect of eternal happiness through the love of Jesus remains the only "secret place" that people can turn to when faced with the inevitability of death.

Vallier has witnessed, in his role as a pastor, the grief and deep questioning that the death of a loved one can evoke. He has written this book relying not only on the wisdom of the Bible but also with references to pseudepigrapha—Jewish works written between 200 BC to 200 AD, which, though not authoritative, can offer connective clues to understanding biblical lore. Vallier is careful to distinguish between these two sources. He presents fascinating tidbits for the reader to consider, such as pointing out that the Hebrew word "nasa" means "to deceive," postulating that the overarching goal of space travel is satanically inspired, promising the deification of its promulgators. Vallier plainly and succinctly resolves his brief but fascinating exploration with the solid, Bible-based view that God and his son offer the only true refuge. His innovative treatment of this significant subject would make rich material for an intensive Bible study.

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