The Soul Doctor Spiritual Tune-Up
by Ms. Shada Burks

"Try to stay relaxed and view the hurdles in your path as a means for discovering new approaches."

For those in need of a life coach to diagnose the reason behind the spiritual fatigue and malaise that keeps the brain spinning into the early hours of the morning, Burks’ intriguing book offers medicine in the form of the written word for Christians who are struggling to maintain their faith and outlook on life. The book is chock-full of wisdom broken down into bite-size chapters that is both easy to digest and displayed in a variety of ways for the reader to consume. The insight that is given ranges from motivational biblical and esoteric quotes to personal experiences and questions that challenge the reader to look beyond themselves and confront their own spiritual pain.

One of the memorable features of this book is that it delves into the multiple life paths that can define a person. The advice given to the reader is dependent on the life path that a person is on, as it is linked to specific attributes and shortcomings. Furthermore, besides the more traditional approach of quotes and questions, the author takes a fresh twist on Christian counseling by asking the reader to invoke a spirit animal that will help overcome their current difficulties and achieve a closer relationship with both God and those in their lives. Burk’s voice is both energizing and stirring, a spiritual coach to those who are desperate for healing. This book may appeal to those who desire a higher state of awareness of their soul’s health as well as their connection with others and God.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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