"An inner path through Revelation was revealed; connected to both our soul’s growth and to health. And so, the possibility for inner renewal is available . . ."

In her spiritual self-help book, Hansen interprets the symbolism found throughout the New Testament book of Revelation from a unique perspective. Searching for her own physical health, she discovered within the book instructions on how to draw spiritually closer in a personal walk with God. The author offers some inspiring advice on how to deny fleshly desires, become more thankful, and serve as a light in today’s world where Christianity is often misrepresented. Hansen poses thought-provoking questions about what is meant in various sections of the prophetic book. Many readers of Revelation have puzzled about correct interpretations. Questions the author helps to answer include: What do warnings to the seven early churches mean to today’s reader?; Why is a particular event on earth or in heaven significant for those who are alive now?; What does it mean for us to have washed our robes?

As a mental health therapist, Hansen helps break the code of Revelation’s symbolism by tying ancient verses to the recent theory of how the brain learns and handles information. For example, she links a verse about being “sealed in the forehead” to how the frontal lobe participates in short-term memory to create positive thinking habits. Readers will be fascinated by the author’s insightful, compassionate views. Those looking for a way to spiritual healing/health (sometimes referred to as sanctification or holiness) are unlikely to be disappointed. Hansen’s book can either be read straight through or used for daily devotions. The author must be commended for her persistence in deciphering difficult symbolism. From the beginning to the end of Revelation, she has extracted pearls of wisdom and strung them together in this inspiring work.

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