The Testimony of Jesus Is the Spirit of Prophecy
by Nannette Dalton
LitFire Publishing

"Being born again is the height of a man’s experience in life."

Dalton is a writer who was raised in a religious family. Here she explains the true meaning of giving testimony with Jesus of Nazareth as example and guide. Only Jesus, the author states, lived a sinless life. Jesus said that he would be glorified through the Holy Spirit. This means that our testimony must be based in our contact with that Spirit, not on anything we have experienced in the natural world. The author suggests that the Holy Spirit is always with us, “wooing us” to be born again, asking no penance, only acceptance. Once that relationship is established, revelation and manifestation will follow. Even the Apostle Peter changed when he had “Jesus living inside him;” at that point, he began to preach and convert others. All of us have the opportunity to change and see the works of the Holy Spirit manifest through our personal testimonies.

In this short volume, Dalton draws on Biblical text to underscore her points and writes with enthusiasm, having been through her own “born again” experience and therefore assuring her readers that “they will be the first to know” when it happens to them. Though her focus is on the New Testament, she quotes often from the Old Testament, as well, since she believes that Jesus wanted us to know about the faith of forebearers like Abraham and understand the words of the ancient prophets that would be fulfilled in New Testament events. Her knowledge of scripture is impressive, and she displays a talent for drawing connections between our ordinary lives and the possibilities of spiritualizing our everyday activities. Writing to inspire others to accept Christ and tell others about the experience, the author demonstrates her own faith through her fervent, positive presentation.

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