"The Almighty has given man the opportunity to become the ruler of Earth and perhaps even the ruler of many planets. He has given him the ability to fight against all kinds of mishaps and dangers. It is up to man to sensibly utilize these abilities and knowledge."

During the twentieth century, the Republic of Latvia suffered many changes, including, early in the Second World War, being invaded by the Nazis. During that ominous period, some sensitive persons including Mary Mezins (mother of the translator of this book) found psychic comfort and guidance from spirits with unusual names such as Indra, Omega, Altisimo, Mortifero, and others. These spirits seemed capable of dispensing wisdom about the nature of God and the universe and the activities of mankind. Those like Mary, her husband, and group leader Alexander Upenieks, called “the Heralds,” laboriously transcribed the copious spirit messages, called The Tidings, starting in 1943.

The Tidings of this fifth volume speak of world events of the period 1957-64, along with general advice and guidance. Among the world happenings cited are observations about Americans sending monkeys into space in 1959 and the legacy of Josef Stalin. Early in 1957, the spirits tell the Heralds not to release their messages yet because all spiritual energies should be directed to combat communism, a concern for Latvians oppressed under Soviet domination from 1944 to 1991. The volume ends with announcements that the spirits would henceforth speak only through mediums Mary and Alexander.

Nick Mezins, who was born in Latvia but later immigrated to the US, took on the task of translating into English the messages of the spirits written by his mother and her companions from their original language. He states this is his only connection to the material and explains in his Introduction the painstaking methods he used to insure that the messages have come through to English readers as the spirits would have wished. The Tidings offered hope to their original receivers and may be worth examining today by those interested in the possibilities of spirit transmission.

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