The Tidings – Further Extracts from The Book of Tidings of the Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity, Volume Six, April 1964 to January 1971
by Nick Mezins
Trafford Publishing

"Many people wonder why they can neither see God, nor ascertain His existence. There is, however, still so much in the universe that has not been explored, that not everything is understandable yet to man. He forgets, though, that a few hundred years ago, man would not have believed those miracles which man now performs."

This is the sixth and final volume of the series, The Tidings, translated by Nick Mezins from the Latvian language into English. Readers of previous volumes know that these writings came through spiritual, non-human means to ordinary human beings in Latvia during a low point in their history—the Nazi occupation during World War II. The receptor group, including Mezins’ mother Mary, transcribed the messages of the spirits, who strove to encourage and enlighten the Latvian seekers.

The Tidings comment on a wide variety of spiritual themes, and on timely, newsworthy topics. For example, in Volume Six there are observations about the visit in 1965 of Pope Paul the Sixth to New York City, the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968, and scientific developments including sending monkeys into space. Some of the spirits had odd names (Nakcia, Inrak) while some bore names of historical figures—Apostles Peter and John, and William Tyndale. Spiritual revelations include that Earth is ruled equally by God and Satan, the latter taking charge of, and combating, material evil. There is information augmenting that found in the Bible: the last hours of the crucifixion of Christ; the deeper meaning of the Beatitudes; and extended history of the family of Adam and Eve. The communications ceased on January 1, 1971, with a last message of cautious hope for the future.

As with the previous volumes, Mezins, Latvian born but educated in America, and has done an admirable translating job. He expresses his wish to convey the esoteric material in a way that does justice to the original transcriptions and the intentions of the spirit messengers. With this final book, followers of The Tidings will have a complete reference to the spiritual guidance offered to them over the course of nearly thirty years.

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