"As long as nations will treat each other with a sense of hatred, with disdain, or else with a sense of revenge, there will not be peace and happiness in the world. A sword may force an opponent to become a slave, but never a friend."

In another epic study of The Tidings, this volume is 417 pages of teaching stories, allegories, philosophies, and religions, as well as spiritual insights from the communication of spirits that aid in the workings of the universe and who are emissaries of The Almighty, or God. It is a continuation of The Revelations: Extracts from the Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits to Humanity, and is the third volume of six.

A profound read, whether or not one believes in channeled work, for there is much to be learned to help humanity. This is a book to be studied in depth for it teaches us about life, the majesty of nature, the joy of art, music, and literature, ecology, creation stories, social structure, sin and evil, passion, soul and spirit, love and sacredness, genius, and outmoded religious teachings. It also explores the need for prayer and utilizing The Tidings to prevail over our material wants and egoistic natures. The failings of humans can be seen through hate, terror, and in wars. For we must expand, heal, and grow in our utilization of free will. We need to develop our own goodness and then expand into universal oneness.

These spirits are here for us to learn from with their insights and wise teachings. The Tidings may be see as a new religion, yet its teachings have always been here and this work is seen as the Almighty's religion which is independent of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and other religions. The spiritual insights are profound as we explore the damage that religion and free will have created in a society that struggles with humility and acceptance. Yet the book shows us ways to reach our highest good. The only issue is that it is set in the 1940's and while wisdom abounds, it is patriarchal. But it will be worth the time to immerse yourself in the beauty, joy, and creation of this work.


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