"In general, evil does not come into the world without a mask…the face of good…which it then casts aside once it has achieved its goal."

The Tidings Volume II is a companion to The Book of Tidings, a series of translated revelations delivered to a group of Latvians called heralds. Two women, one the translator’s mother, prayed that the spirits would reveal to them what was happening during World War II, including Hitler’s involvement. Several male heralds were later added to the original group.

This volume documents conversations with individual spirits over the course of 1945. Topics include: war events, poems and poets, lovers and sex, morality stories, acts and reasons of the Almighty, and creation and the creator. Some spirits used the question and answer teaching technique. A herald might be scolded for not listening or misunderstanding the message. Conversations stopped in 1971 at the death of Alexander Upenieks, leader of the herald group.

Mezins, son of Mary and Janoss who were all present during the sessions, is the translator and publisher of this volume. An earlier translation of the text from the Latvian language to English was begun by another herald, Alexander Homics, and continued by his daughter Maya.

The author, an engineer, vouches for the accuracy of what the group recorded. He also explains the helpful use of brackets to interject time, speaker, and interruptions. Mezins’ hope for translating this 391-page volume is that mankind will accept new light about how the Almighty created the universe and what is expected from its inhabitants. Concerning older religious beliefs, Mezins advocates setting those aside based on this newer revelation.

The Tidings Volume II joins many recently published works dealing with the future of mankind in this rapidly changing world. Renewed interest in spiritual things, as seen in this book, stems from troubled times. What makes this book, and its series, unique is the claim that the stories are not of human origin.

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