The Waves of Life & Our Mind Game
by Say Thu Varadewa
Partridge Publishing

"You are just one brave decision away from a total new and happy life."

Drawing from her storehouse of perspicacious personal and professional observations, self-help author Varadewa advises readers to live more consciously and positively. Every day has twenty-four full hours. We choose how we use them. For many of us, our active minds dominate, but, at times, thinking can equate with worrying. We must train our minds to be clear and calm. We must learn to be good to others without considering ourselves as inferior to them. Valuing ourselves is a key component of Varadewa’s method. Even a simple smile can change our thought processes. The author often speaks of difficult interactions in the workplace. Many people consider work a “second home,” so it is vital to remain positive and avoid being highly critical of others in that environment. We must trust ourselves, follow our dreams, and let past problems disappear. Above all, Varadewa urges, “Never give up.”

Born in Myanmar, the author traveled to Singapore and Australia to attain a bachelor of nursing degree. Her observations about the importance of positivity as part of mental health are drawn from her hard-won life experience. In a remarkable story of overcoming negative circumstances, she recounts her phone failing while nervously communicating with an intriguing stranger. But she persisted in trying to locate him until, at last, she succeeded. Now they are happy partners together. In another instance, she recalls once envying someone with high leadership skills but gradually realized, “I can create my own leadership characteristics.” In eight useful appendices, she offers practical questions for the reader on various topics covered in the narrative. Her counsel conveys a genuine concern for others and her wish to endow them with confidence and cheer. This supportive guide is meant to uplift and motivate and succeeds by its natural tone and accessible examples.

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