The Wishflower Princess
by Kathie Kalafatis

"She’s Mother Nature’s child with the world in her care, pollinating life with the bees from her hair."

Mother Nature’s daughter is a princess who is responsible for granting the wishes that float to her on the gentle seeds of the wishflower. One day, she loses the ability to do her job, as the seeds cause her to sneeze from allergies whenever they land on her nose. With no more wishes being granted, the people begin to lose hope, leading a brave knight to try and come up with a solution. Meeting the Lady Kayla, Sir Chris discovers that her mother turned to a sorcerer when her wishes to bring her missing husband home went unanswered. Now he must find a way to reverse the evil spell that cursed Princess Alexa and restore hope to the land by allowing their wishes to be heard and granted once more.

Written in a rhythmic verse style, this children’s book provides a more vast and involved journey than many of its peers. Despite a full-color illustration spread across every two pages of this relatively short work, the author has still managed to craft an epic quest and one teeming with multiple characters and varied environments. Those illustrations themselves are gorgeous, with well-defined lines and artistic touches that fill the imagination with every new detail or locale. Though some fantasy elements feel familiar, this story is totally original and mesmerizing in its mythology. Like any good fable for children, this tale comes complete with a moral about the requirements for having a wish granted, and how it takes more than just wanting something to hope to get it. The lush, creative storytelling paired with strikingly gorgeous art makes for an instant storytime classic.

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