"These are some of the things that I wish I had known when I never dreamed I’d be courageous enough to be who I am now."

This timely book of wisdom is filled with life lessons for anyone feeling stuck in cycles of neglect and languishing in unfulfilled promise. With clear insight and advice on a range of topics, Barnes delves deep into her own experience to share what she wishes someone had told her when she was younger. Using anecdotes and honest insight, Barnes sets down the tools and mindset needed to find purpose and authentic happiness in life. She firmly rejects the trappings of false happiness that are found in material things, in outward appearances, and in living up to someone else’s standards. She favors being over doing, sharing over squandering, and finding yourself over losing who you are to a world that can batter and bruise.

Barnes acts as a life coach and a best girlfriend as she breaks down truths about men, the cycles of life, and the importance of common civility in everyday existence. The most powerful experience she recounts comes from her being a member of the sandwich generation, meaning she cares for her son while also caring for her aging, ailing parents. The wisdom she shares here comes from lived experiences, deep reflection, and honest vulnerability. As she contemplates her struggles, she guides readers to a knowledge that can empower and inspire. Barnes invokes a creator God as she motivates readers to find their purpose and live in the fullness of life. However, the hard work and responsibility fall to the individual to seek their own happiness. This is a book that begs to be underlined and highlighted as lines and passages leap off the page to be re-read and remembered. This book is for those who want “to live in the fullness of [their] woo-woo-ness” by uncovering the truest part of themselves.

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