The Woven Flag
by Margaret Fourt Goka
BookVenture Publishing LLC

"Childhood is a spaceship full of friends
that rockets into the future.
I will be there when it lands
like a kitten on its feet"

In her second book of collected poetry, the author has organized her musings and insights into six categories. Each chapter follows the themes of home, animals, places, riddles, caffeine and wine, and family respectively. The home chapter is the most explored, following memories of homemaking and raising children with all the energy and chaos they can bring. The chapter on animals considers the impact of family pets and wonders what life would be like in animal form. The chapter on places recalls old residences and other colorful memories of location. When writing on the theme of riddles, the poet considers things that are somewhat contradictory or mysterious about life. Not surprisingly, the chapter on caffeine and wine is a treat for the sense of taste, using language to express flavor. Finally, when exploring the topic of family, Goka revisits the endless tasks of homemaking, as well as considering her dual role as both mother and child.

The author’s style is evocative, using a focus on meter and brevity to allow her words to hang in the reader’s mind with weight. Each poem contains subject matter that can be considerably personal yet is often written in a way that both explores those intimate feelings while remaining neutral enough not to box her audience out for not being there in those moments. This enables one to empathize and share with the emotions and recollections collected across these four dozen selections, moving from topic to topic in natural ease. Readers will find plenty among these poems that will set their imaginations and creativity alight, but a special impact will probably be had among those who are either anticipating or have experienced the special gifts and challenges of motherhood.

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