"What you need to look at now is what can you do to take you to the next higher level of performance . . . "

This spiritual guide teaches how to get in touch with one’s higher self. The author discovered in his own life that when we think we are doing all we can, it is really only a small percentage of what we are capable of accomplishing. Over a long lifetime, he has found ways to think and become still, allowing his self to grow to its full spiritual height. His goal in this book is to pass the techniques onto others so they can do the same.

Mostly, people rush forward doing tasks, seldom stopping to think about what next thing in life they would like to accomplish. The author’s first call is to consider the things one wishes to achieve in various areas. Pursuing someone else’s goals brings minimal satisfaction. The next step is to be still, to quiet the chatter in one's head in order to receive internal (spiritual) guidance. Rochford offers methods he personally uses, including yoga and meditation. For the final step, a person must decide what to give up in order to find the needed energy to grow. Can one forgive others, or deny oneself common rewards?

This book compliments a long line of self-help books written by the award-winning author and life empowerment coach. What makes it different than his other books is the sole focus on the spiritual component of goal achievement. The author uses his gift of drawing alongside his readers and students in the last seven chapters of the book, sharing insights and examples. In one chapter, readers can even record for future reference the decisions made regarding how one’s higher self will pursue goals. Still a productive author in his 80s, Rochford serves as a motivator to his readers. Successful prior careers put the stamp of veracity on his advice.

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