"We must not feel inadequate about pursuing dreams at any age."

Glen believes many people are not living up to their potential because they are held back by negativity and a focus on aging that deters people from taking chances. With this book, she hopes to encourage people to move beyond their pasts, embrace their age, and pursue their dreams. Injecting personal anecdotes, spiritual wisdom, and cultural observations, Glen celebrates life’s possibilities and untapped potential in all stages of life. She empowers all people, but especially those in middle age who might feel adrift in their 40s, to re-evaluate their careers and passions to find true fulfillment.

Part memoir, part self-help book, Glen's book provides revelations from the author’s own experiences and insights from the lives of others that she has either encountered personally or observed in the media. Her background in biblical studies informs her observations and grounds her advice in spirituality. Through these pages, she serves as a life coach or trusted mentor, slipping easily into conversational tones and familiar language that is relatable rather than intimidating. Glen is not intent on rehashing the research available on aging. She relies on her intuition about people and experiences and the possibilities that arrive when a person is open to personal and professional life changes. This informality makes her lessons accessible, but at times the message is lost in the haphazard organizational structure of the chapters and occasional grammatical errors in the writing.

For those seeking inspiration and wisdom on the path to self-improvement, Glen delivers a convincing argument and motivational message. With honesty and humor, she examines the obstacles that hold people back and shares ideas for moving past those barriers with strength and a renewed sense of purpose.

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