The Power of Thought:
How to Get What You Want, When You Want It
by Keith A. Shaw

"Dreamers are the saviors of the world."

If one is at all disposed to feelings of victimization, be it at the hands of other people, ones environment, or just plain fate, this book might be the cause of some discomfort. But that should not stop you from continuing to read this book or perform the exercises that accompany it in a convenient spiral notebook. It is the author's intention to shake you out of just that kind of self-defeating wallowing in negativity and justification. Shaw provides a set of concrete tools to help the reader/exercise-performer climb out of the mire of self-pity and learned powerlessness. Starting with mental activity and radiating outward into goals and purposes, the author rounds up a dense series of important points regarding the influence of attitudes and beliefs in shaping circumstances.

The strength of this easily readable work lies in its motivating influence to take action. By reading the short chapters in the text and then applying their message to your own life in the workbook, the power each of us has to take back control to achieve is internalized. The author gives added advice, such as the need to take risks, make sacrifices, and maintain the will to persist in the face of obstacles. The most salient point, however, is the realization that the solution lies within you. With disciplined thoughts and a positive attitude, it is this author's belief that you can rise above any external limitation. Shaw provides techniques of both physical and mental meditation to help maintain serenity and health while you make the journey to self-realization. His easy-to-read style and concrete methods make repeated readings and practice both simple and doable.

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