"Perhaps fundamentalist, evangelical and hyper orthodox Christians would be more Christ like were they to accept those Gay Christians who seek to serve Christ and live in sacrificial, loving and loyal relationships."

This Christian-thought book revolves around three pertinent questions: Can a Christian be gay, how does God guide, and why does God not answer prayer? Within these three questions, it provides answers based on science, religious doctrine, philosophy, and the author’s interpretations. The Bible is sometimes seen as a “library,” one which offers much in the way of teachings, including parables, drama, metaphors, poems, histories, and laws which are often subject to interpretation. The book also focuses on God’s will as that of serving God and humanity through Christian love. This love includes those who are “homosexual,” and the work refutes common fundamentalist thought that says gays are not worthy of such acceptance. The book continues by looking at God’s guidance, our own inner wisdom, and prayer, including when one’s prayers don’t seem to be answered, how to pray, and what is “true” prayer.

With biblical quotes to support the premise of this work, the author focuses on the goodness of all people no matter what their differences, including a direct focus on homosexuality and Christianity. It is a refreshing take on Christian thought regarding acceptance and love. The stories utilized help to confer the lessons. While the book would have benefited from an introduction and more contemporary word choices regarding the LGBTQ+ population, overall, it is a thoughtful and insightful read regarding practicing Christianity as lived by Christ. As it is a Christian book, most of its readers will probably be Christians. However, other readers could benefit from understanding its views regarding acceptance, gratitude, and living a God-filled life.

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