Through Deception: Izoah's Legacy
by Elvis Ali Bautista

"Yes, this is no ordinary war."

The kingdom of Revalon is torn between two factions: Sanctuary, made up of survivors from Revalon, and the Rebellion, ruthless soldiers who have taken advantage of the fallen kingdom. Isaac and his friends, considered the leaders for Sanctuary, are in the middle of a battle when they come across some strange ruins. Isaac discovers a crystal in the ruins which grants him strange powers. As Isaac adjusts to his new body and gifts, he also learns of Izoah and the raging war between the gods that had consequences for Revalon. With the threat of the end of civilization looming, Isaac and his friends must form unlikely alliances in the hope of saving what’s left of humanity while trying to piece together the truth.

This story blends mythology, magic, and elements of post-apocalyptic fiction together to create a tale of fateful reckoning. It shifts from simply a civil war to one that encompasses higher beings and generational timelines, hinting at the true reason for why Revalon fell. The author does a great job of showing Isaac’s internal struggle once he is granted Izoah’s power. In this way, Isaac is a realistic hero. He’s full of confidence as a leader of Sanctuary, but once he is bestowed power and encounters Izoah and the other gods, he begins to doubt himself. As a vessel for Izoah’s power, he is sometimes frightened and confused but shows strength in accepting his situation and continuing to fight for Sanctuary. Almost every character introduced in this first book is given a backstory, many of which end up being connected to each other in some small way. By doing this, the author illustrates the scale of the war and what the stakes are—and will be—for those involved.

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