Thumperino Superbunny and the Mummy's Curse
by Amber L. Spradlin
Hocks Out Press

"The Treasure of the Hare is something far more valuable than gold. The Treasure of the Hare is knowledge, and sharing it is the best gift!"

This story is the fourth in a series following Thumperino, a yellow-caped, flying, superhero pet bunny and his furry, smart friend Veronica. In this story, an adventure that starts with Thumperino trying to trace the source of his powers quickly morphs into a crime fighting spree with London roots. The do-good bunnies navigate the streets and subways of New York moving from the library where their research starts to the museum where the true adventure begins. Unwilling witnesses to an art and artifact heist, the friends must work together to bring the unlikely thief and his three henchmen monkeys to justice while returning the artifacts to their rightful place.

This book blends several story lines and characters to create a series of short, cohesive chapters. Spradlin does a nice job of building the plot while also inserting lessons about kindness, respect and friendship that provide a moral compass to the characters and a reminder to the reader. The author also interjects pieces of history and factoids that, while sometimes fictional, provide a base for the story and a connection between the made up characters and real life. Told from the main character's perspective, the book is filled with descriptions, observations, and first-person thoughts. It blends a little bit of mystery with lots of imagination to provide an entertaining read. While this book doesn't seem to rely on previous installments in the series for character introduction and development, a reader could easily become entranced with Thumperino and want to read his past and future adventures.

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