Time Ripples: A Gift of Love
by Robert H. Wellington
Balboa Press

"These simple thoughts, poems and essays are presented with the hope that they stir something deep inside, helping each of us to reconnect with our inner voice or guide, a guide who waits silently and patiently to be recognized."

A compilation of prose and poetry, this 159 page book is an easy, yet deep read. The spiritual essays offer insight into numerous thoughts and feelings that we encounter in our lifetimes. Covering a variety of topics with a focus on healing, compassion, and love, the author offers his spiritual and religious beliefs in a manner to guide the reader to becoming the highest self, the Divine Self, the cocreator with God, in an ever-expanding focus on the unity of life. At times, the works are of a panentheistic view with all-encompassing beliefs of the transcendent and the immanent. However, some of the writing focuses on a patriarchal God and Christ as the way of expanding the soul.

Written with a depth of spiritual understanding, many readers will find this a delightful read, as it can be picked up and opened to any topic; it is a book that can be used in meditation, prayer, and contemplation. With a focus on humility, beauty, joy, compassion, wisdom, essence, and passion, one is touched by the words of spirit. The author presents as spiritually grounded as well as able to seek higher truths offered by his own beliefs and religion. The prose and essays are more relevant than some of the poetry as a few of the poems appear too focused on rhyming instead of the flowing nature of his other writings.

The information regarding the book, including the descriptive back cover, presents a book that appears to be more spiritual than religious, more inclusive than Christian. However, in reading the book, it is a paternal, Christian-based study, which may be a turnoff to persons seeking a more inclusive read. Yet overall, the book offers a treasure of writings to contemplate even for those readers who are not Christian.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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