Time Travel Warriors
by Mark Duffield
Trafford Publishing

"Staring right back at him from inside the test tube was a real, live, T. rex dinosaur. It blinked, sniffed, and then let out an almighty roar."

Luke and Scott Worthington are just two typical kids enjoying their typical Christmas presents when a freak accident occurs. A chemical spill and a camera flash later, the two suddenly find themselves staring straight at a T. rex. This accidental time travel attracts the attention of a group of Time Warriors—one of whom has gone rogue and threatens the very fabric of existence. Accompanied by two Elite Time Warriors—Crusader Knight Percy and humanoid robot Troy—and aided by new friends made along the way, the two brothers embark on a time-hopping adventure and travel through the past, the future, and everywhere in between to stop the evil Scarabus. Along the treacherous path, the group must battle in gladiator pits, travel to space, stick their hands in dinosaur poo, and maybe even gain the confidence to stand up to a certain bully back home.

With approachable and simple writing, relatable characters, and often absurd but believable scenarios, this book will awaken the thirst for adventure in any young boy (or girl). Intense action is interspersed with silly humor (like some of the exchanges between the eccentric professor and his assistant), and the writing is never bogged down by boring technicalities. Instead, the adventure is a fun and exciting ride which is ultimately a coming-of-age story for Luke, who, throughout the book, gains the courage he needs to stand up for himself. To escape from the time-traveling loop, the brothers will need to do the one thing no other Elite Time Warrior has been able to do before—defeat Scarabus. It should be a piece of cake, right? Adventures and time traveling abound in this exciting sci-fi novel for young adults.

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