To Do That's Love Works
by Jeffrey David Jubelirer and SherAnne Shea Jubelirer
PageTurner Press and Media

"God’s commandment is to love one another as ‘He first loved us.’ And to love God Himself is done here."

Combining a desire for the writing life with a commitment to seeking truth through prayer and God's Word, this compilation is centered on the hope and love that comes from experiencing a life of spiritual enlightenment. In the midst of trials and tribulations, the poems present a path forward in the quest for eternal happiness. More than anything else, the poetry assumes a raw, authentic quality by providing a glimpse into personal lives, relationships, and family.

Using a mixture of poetic techniques and free verse narrative, the collection dives into topics of strength and courage juxtaposed with themes of good and evil. In poems like "Unknown Quote," the age-old idea of how one would know good if bad didn't exist comes to fruition, clearly pointing out that even in adverse circumstances, the Almighty is shining his light to show the way. It is just a matter of the individual having the right perspective and wisdom to see it.

The honest reflections upon living the writer's life and challenges like writer's block are refreshing. As such, as exhibited in "On Experiences of Growing and Of Life," many elements of the content are centered around self-improvement and further emphasized through the use of metaphors like the "porch of wisdom" and strong imagery of light and dark. Dreams of writing, love, and the Lord weave together to deliver a thoughtful exploration of not just faith but the grueling, never-ending experience of being an aficionado of the written word and giving it true voice. Showing what it takes to love, care, be appreciative, and grateful, as well as its focus on holiness, are what make this anthology of poems a worthwhile read.

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