To Save a Dragon
by Allen Scovil

"'Oh Game Master, give him the strength to get through his Abyss!'"

Arthur Pye has returned to the Land of the Heart after asking Game Master Jesus’ help with Sid, a bully at his school. In the Land of the Heart, Sid is a dragon in need of aid after being hurt by a giant. Arthur is the only person who can assist Sid and keep him on the right path of forgiveness. Just as Arthur must forgive Sid for bullying him, Sid must learn the same lesson by forgiving the giant who hurt him. As Arthur tries to help Sid, Sid is seduced and drawn off the righteous path by Dark Nemesis who promises him revenge upon the giant who hurt him. It is Arthur's quest to show Sid how to turn away from his hatred and forgive those who hurt him. Not only must Arthur teach Sid, but he himself must also abide by this rule of forgiveness and learn to love his enemy.

Scovil is a grandfather of two and father of four raised in the Anglican Church. Although Scovil has changed churches, he still strongly believes in God. Scovil’s favored genre is science fiction and fantasy. Now retired, Scovil focuses his attention on taking his preferred genres and turning them from magic-centered to Christ-centered stories. He has proven his talent with this novel. His enlightened main character must work through many difficult tasks to reform the school bully. Arthur and Sid both must work together and power through many burdensome lessons encountered in this game land. They both must learn to forgive, love, and follow the path of Christian beliefs in order to overcome this quest from God. Scovil teaches these lessons well as his readers follow the boys’ strenuous adventures through the Land of the Heart.

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