"Don’t be so quick to take things personally when a person around you seems to be angry or ignoring you."

Every day, people feel hopeless or lost, not knowing where to turn in order to get their life turned around or even simply to feel happiness. Some people pursue their happiness through methods that offer temporary satisfaction but fleeting results. In this book, the author provides her methods for organizing life and prioritizing the things that will enable people to survive the modern world and live in the present moment full of joy and appreciation. Full of affirmations and wisdom that can be applied to people of every age, gender, race, and occupation, each chapter provides new strategies and contemplations for the reader to make use of. Though situations and life itself can often feel overwhelming or impossible to handle, the techniques and advice in this book can help people through even the hardest of situations.

This book is written in a style that offers empathy rather than sympathy, including aspects of the author’s own life story to provide context for her perspective. Visual aids like photos and charts are peppered in to give readers something they can picture clearly. The advice collected here is not all just metaphysical guidance either, as the author gives the reader things to do, exercises to perform, and even a list of emergency and non-emergency contacts for various needs or functions. The practical application of this book is primarily two-fold: to give people who feel like they have nowhere left to turn a way back onto the path and to remind those that are suffering that they are not alone. Everyone goes through dark times, and this book is a useful tool to keep handy no matter the severity of the situation.

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