Too Many Funerals
by M. Scott Robertson
Trafford Publishing

"You learned that they knew, and in your hatred for everyone around you, you set out to destroy them."

In the small community of Ipswich, Saskatchewan, life is simple. However, a series of unfortunate yet expected deaths cast a sense of suspicion even among the town's Archdeacon, Cecil "Cec" Plowright. When the ambitious young Mountie Gordon MacArthur confides in Cec that he has had a vision that there is more to these deaths than meets the eye, he cajoles the Archdeacon into finding out any information he can about the small list of suspects. Before long, Cec manages to uncover a number of town secrets that could point as easily to coincidence as they do to murder, but nobody can shake the feeling that foul play is at hand. It's up to the Archdeacon to continue his investigation privately before anyone else's life could be potentially threatened, including his own.

This classic small-town mystery book contrasts the good nature and simplicity of life in a tightly knit Canadian community with the potential for dark deeds and intrigue. Like most stories in this genre, the emphasis is rightly placed more on the oddities and quirks of the community's characters rather than the mystery itself at times. This story is no different in that regard, as each of the characters brings their own unique take on things to the narrative and their own observations to help Archdeacon Plowright solve the question of the mysterious deaths. Despite the darker subject matter covered here and some adult discussions, the religious framing of this story makes it largely wholesome, while not detracting from the suspense, and should be enjoyed by any reader who enjoys puzzling out a good mystery.

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