Transformations: Give Up the Struggle
by Renee Wiggins
Results by Renee

"Think of people you have seen or know who are always cheerful and always say the right words. Think of how they can brighten up a room even when things around them are falling apart."

A compact and sensitive approach to the use of positive affirmations, this little gem is filled with thoughts and prayers to get you through difficult times. Acknowledging that words can build, encourage, and uplift one's soul, Renee Wiggins has managed to collect and create a series of meditative affirmations designed to move you through adversity and encourage you to "give up the struggle."

Some examples of the affirmations include:

I am ready to tear down the walls that are holding me back, brick by brick.

If you feel you are not getting anywhere, it is because you have stopped growing.

I choose to focus on the happy experiences instead of the sad and disappointing experiences.

Changes—whether small or large—can set me free.

Although this is not a religious book, several quotes from the bible are included as ways to focus your thoughts on time honored philosophies:

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. Isaiah 54:17a

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Transformations is a handy pocket sized tool that gives you the quick tools you need to start thinking positively when life can get tough. Renee Wiggins has mentored, trained, and changed lives in the health and wellness industry for more than twenty years. She is owner of Results by Renee, a premier medical lifestyle spa located in the Greater Washington DC area whose mission is to help people achieve optimum health through nutrition and fitness and supplemented with stress reduction techniques. Wiggins is the author of several books including Stress Down and Lift Up and Can I Exercise Sitting Down?

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