Trump: Laugh or Cry
by E. M. Fintan

"Dr. Mueller said if I don’t get a Trumpectomy soon, I could suffer lasting consequences!"

For most Americans, the 45th President has been a polarizing figure, moving people further from the center to either side. For his critics who prefer to take a step back and ride out his administration, the question becomes more of whether to speak out against the decisions being made or roll eyes at the litany of caps-locked tweets. In this collection of political cartoons by the author, Trump’s presidency, cabinet, and foreign policy are presented in a caricature form that is far from flattering for the current commander in chief. From meetings with despotic foreign leaders touted as diplomatic successes to the proposed border wall, no topic is off-limits or played with kid gloves. Opponents of the current presidency will find reasons to either shake their head and laugh or go through their growing list of grievances with each cartoon presented in this book.

Each illustration in this collection ranges from the absurd to the risque, and between the adult humor and political focus, readers should be of an older age in order to fully appreciate the approach of this book. From the cover and title, readers should be able to discern where the author and the cartoons fall on the political spectrum, and from that information alone will be able to tell if it’s for them or not. The subtitle is apt, as the tone of the cartoons is both mocking and also bogged down in dread and disbelief. Given the current political climate of the country, many Americans may find such work to be too much to handle on top of the real thing, but the humorous angle to the ribbing in these drawings will hopefully provide even the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump something to laugh about.

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