Turning Your Defeat Into Victory 
by James Williams, Jr. 
Trafford Publishing

"Prayer is absolutely the most important weapon that we have in turning our defeat into victory. Prayer is our communication link with God, and we need to stay within calling distance."

This booklet is a basic summary of the author's belief in prayerful living. At the time of publication (2004), he was the Director of Christian Education and the Adult Sunday School teacher at the Mount Paran Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. The book consists of six chapters including God's desire, spirit and word, and prayers. The focus supports his belief that prayer is the journey into victory and the defeat of Satan. Using scripture, we learn about God and Christ and the power within to find truth, redemption, healing, and the Word of God. Written in a simplistic manner, this book is read in less than 30 minutes, but contemplation of the essays and reading the Bible passages he utilizes expands the meditations.

The focus is fundamental Christianity, as the author sincerely presents his beliefs and his love of God and Christ. He discusses that Christian prayer must take place in order to defeat Satan and that, "If you're not experiencing a quiet and peaceful life in all godliness and honesty, then more than likely prayer has lost its priority" within all of our institutions including schools, which negates the separation of church and state and the value of other belief systems. This is not a scholarly treatise but a simple look into his heartfelt beliefs. His story of surviving in Vietnam, while most of his comrades were killed, is telling of his belief in prayer, although it leaves the reader wondering about his ability to survive such a ordeal.

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