Twins in Arms
by Tom Masri
Tate Publishing

"It was an average day at the office until a member of the Counter Terrorism department came out of her office with a photo in her hand."

That one photo has the power to completely disrupt a lifetime's worth of work and preparation by enemies of the United States. In a quick-to-read little volume, Masri provides a story of heartbreak and separation that can only be resolved by a deep and abiding love.

When twins are separated as toddlers, will they be able to remember each other enough to save both of them from world-wide conspiracies of murder and revenge? Following the car crash that takes his parents and identical twin brother from him, Michael spends his childhood living the American dream with his grandparents—a star student and athlete who chooses to also serve his country with bravery and distinction.

Ali, once known by his parents and twin brother as Sam, grows up believing the Americans killed his parents as part of a plane bombing and unknowingly spends his life in preparation to be a secret weapon of Iran and the Hezbollah. Like his brother, he is also a star student and athlete, choosing always to serve the country that has cared for him so generously.

Once Ali begins putting himself in motion for the continued plan of the Iranian Ayatollahs he unknowingly serves, his face becomes the target of an investigation that reveals his American ties. Can Michael reach his brother before the FBI or anyone else puts a bullet through Sam's head?

Written with an eye toward the strengths and weaknesses of both cultures, Masri presents the dilemma of what happens when family and loyalty are at cross-purposes at the same time that he tries to draw attention to much-needed national defense.

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