Two Sides of the Coin
by Malia Davidson

"'Once upon a tragedy,' he began, 'there was a man who had a very dangerous idea.'"

Honest, the town's enchanting storyteller begins a story of two reporters taking an adventurous trip to the Bermuda Triangle. While traveling, the men find two different islands—the foreboding Island of Despair and the sunlit Island of Joy. With limited time, the reporters decide to split up to explore. Neither wanting the Island of Despair, a coin toss is used to decide each reporter's fate. Steve, the winner of the toss, gets the Island of Joy where trees talk and the inhabitants sing happy songs. On the opposite island, Shawn meets people who have been at war over territories for years. As the days pass, each reporter has vastly contrasting experiences with the inhabitants of the islands, and both decide to stay. What could draw each reporter to stay? What unusual predicaments did the men find themselves up against? The children listening to Honest’s fables want answers as much as the readers do.

Davidson has been writing stories since she was six years old, and the love of writing never left her. Now grown, Davidson’s imagination still burns as bright as ever. Using the myths and lore of the Bermuda Triangle, Davidson gives us a fascinating novel of contrasting events on two very different islands. She shows through the strikingly different adventures of Steve and Shawn that regardless of where we start, whether it be our own island of despair or joy, events can happen that will change our lives for the better. Davidson grabs her readers’ imaginations by vividly detailing the events and inhabitants of each island, making her readers feel they are right in the story with her relatable characters. Readers stay fully involved in the story, always wondering what is to happen next to each character, leading to a novel readers will not put down until the very end.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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