Ty Tanner and a Bull Name Cranky
by Pat Forbis
Trafford Publishing

"Listen up, Josh, I've been thinking. I want to ride a bull in the county fair rodeo next month."

Ty Tanner is a former world champion bull rider, who just turned 70 years old. He shocks his family at his birthday party by making a wish that he wants to ride a bull one more time. His family and his wife Katie are against it, taking his age into consideration, but Ty is determined to do it. He contacts his friend Josh, a director at the local rodeo, and tells him what he wants to do. Being a good friend, Josh reluctantly agrees, but doubts it's wise. Later that night, Ty has a dream about riding a bull named Cranky and falling hard on the ground. He wakes up with a bruise on his head and wonders if the dream tried to send him a message. The next day he tells Josh that maybe he shouldn't ride after all and leave it to the younger men.

Forbis' story is well written, and she has a good, clear storytelling style. She shows the reader the world of the rodeo culture, and her knowledge of it is evident. The main character, Ty Tanner, is fleshed-out well, and readers can easily identify with him. The length of the book tends toward a short novella, which would benefit from a stronger ending with increased conflict and/or action. All in all, this is a good story for lovers of fiction and for those who enjoy the rodeo.

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