UFO: Angels and the Mayan Calendar
by Gerardo Santos
Trafford Publishing

"They came to assist mankind through the approaching shift in human consciousness. They are the visitors that come to man from the true God."

Drawing on a great deal of Biblical interpretation, archaeological findings, mathematics, photographic evidence, and personal experience, Santos reveals a story older than time itself that has yet to be resolved. The book's introduction makes a link between the angels of the Bible and the apparent UFOs discovered in ancient art and myth. After outlining how the book should be approached, from a spirit of humble inquiry and faith, Santos launches into the true content of his message.

Beginning with the processes of creation and the nature of the angels, the first part of the book is based on information Santos received subconsciously during two UFO encounters when he was still a child. This information was finally revealed to his conscious mind as an older adult through the process of self-hypnosis. Santos then substantiates his claims through the use of a variety of more verifiable resources. Historic, documented encounters with extra-terrestrials are combined with in-depth interpretation of Biblical passages, more modern understandings of the workings of the human brain, and analysis of the Mayan Long Count calendar in context with other ancient Mayan calendars.

The information Santos presents is dense with ideas supported with plentiful charts, graphs, and illustrations. This information is not always organized as clearly as one might wish and some of the jumps in logic are difficult to accept without further support. The book would have benefited from an additional revision as well. However, Santos challenges thought and provides many interesting points to consider.

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