The Ultimate Experience: The Many Paths to God
Books One, Two, & Three, Revisited
by Dr. Verling CHAKO Priest Trafford Publishing

"I feel no grief with the closing of this project this time, only joy in what I have accomplished."

Dr. Priest holds two degrees in Psychology and earned a Masters and a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology. As a military wife, she traveled extensively for twelve years living in Hawaii, Viet Nam, Greece and Australia. Her education and experiences living among many different cultures encouraged an evolving passion for Metaphysical and New Age Thought.

After studying with a spiritual teacher who channeled a group of highly developed entities, the author was prepared to receive telepathic communications from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Lords-Jesus, Sananda, Maitreya, Hilarion, Djwhal Khul, Confucius, Serapis, and other Ascended Ones. Mini-lectures cover diverse subjects such as Compassion, Desire, Hope, Gifts from God, Death, Rays and Truth, Abused and Abuser, Ascension, and Reflections on the Papacy.

By revisiting certain Biblical passages, corrections and clarifications are addressed by Jesus the Christ. "The Biblical material many times was contaminated by the scribe's own projections. As each church unit did its own interpretation, sacred information was lost. The Vatican has much of these original writings. It has passages I even wrote, in my handwriting, on reincarnation."

"Always bear in mind that what you see around you on Earth is illusion. It is not real in the sense that the higher dimensions are real. Everything there is seen, never hidden. There is not lying or cheating. There is kindness, caring, love, compassion, and Light. There is no duality. Ascension is the Ultimate Experience, the path to God."

Dr. Priest's book challenges the reader to closely examine his beliefs. Filled with parables and wisdom, each book ends with special closing statements from the Lords, along with personal notations from the author.

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