"Have you heard that your Creator thinks you are wonderful and awesome? Do you know you are unique, one of a kind?"

We as human beings are all “bound by messes that shackle us,” writes Park. These chains—both in a physical and in a mental sense—can present in our lives in the form of various kinds of addiction, abuse, old festering wounds, unforgiveness, buried traumatic memories, anger and insecurities, and more. The good news, which is the focus of the bulk of this book, is that freedom is indeed attainable. One finds such freedom, which awaits all who suffer, maintains Park, as we discover and embrace the “person God created us to be.” Through a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ and by living a life informed by his teachings, any one of us can find a pathway forward, unshackled from the chains that currently bind our spiritual progress.

Divided into chapters covering the pathway to freedom, discovering one’s true identity, freedom from tormenting thoughts and the chains of offense, the power of forgiveness, the potency of words and establishing healthy relationships, and surrendering the burden to Christ himself, Park has set forth in writing a Christian spiritual manifesto in many ways on par with the likes of Joyce Meyer—an inspirational writer quoted periodically by the author. Her self-help Christian guide makes ample use of true stories of individuals who have struggled with the “chains” of many kinds that life can throw one’s way, detailing the desperate and often horrific real-life situations in which these people found themselves, whether it be sexual or other physical abuse, marriage infidelity, addictions such as gambling and pornography, or the like. Throughout the book, the author employs ample quotations and related analysis from both the Old and New Testaments in her yearning to share with the reader her heartfelt sentiment that it is through acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior—and his death and resurrection upon the cross—that we, as God’s children, can and should be saved and baptized in his name, which will lead to a rebirth of freedom.

Some of the many devices Park utilizes in writing this book that many believers in Christ will surely find useful in digesting and finding meaning include, along with the main text, various bullet-pointed questions for reflection and other useful steps and suggestions, based directly on the ideas being discussed along the way. Further, she addresses common areas of challenge and provides suggested prayers. Though this book might only strongly appeal to those who already consider themselves “born again” Christians and those who seek to further nurture their relationship with God and Christ, nevertheless, for those readers, there is much here which will inspire and deepen that spiritual awakening. It is quite obvious, too, that the author is a firm and dedicated believer, passionate about the many ways trusting one’s life to God can heal and glorify and leave behind any remnants of binding chains. Park’s passion, in fact, shines through on every page. “Free! True freedom!” she writes. “It comes as we let the chains fall off as we embrace ‘God principles’ for living. Who better to know how men and women work best than the one who created them?”

Park, who was born on a cotton farm in Mississippi and spent nine years as a nurse at the University of Kentucky, Markey Cancer Center, now focuses her time on her discipleship writing. In addition to numerous articles on the subject, the grandmother of six has also authored The Power of the Lamb’s Blood and Grandmother’s Journal.

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